I see the moon…

Moon 031619.JPG

My grandma loves the I See the Moon lullaby – she frequently sings it if we are out driving at night. It’s now one of my favorite because of her and I catch myself singing it often. Especially tonight as I look at these photos.

Moon2 031619.JPG

Double-crested Cormorant 031619.JPG
Double-crested Cormorant out earlier in the day

A walk outside

Crystal Bridges 21

March 20 is in 17 days. It is the start of spring and my favorite months of the year. I love flowers, the wildlife and burst of activity that happens. I’m already looking for things to do, which includes visiting Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. I was going through photos today, and stumbled across these photos from my first visit to Crystal Bridges in July 2017.