Going wild

The new Bottomland Hardwood Trail.

It’s been four days since I attended the dedication of the new Bottomland Hardwood Trail at the White River National Wildlife Refuge in St. Charles, and I am still smiling each time I think of it.

The trail is pretty awesome and I enjoyed attending the first guided hike on the trail, which includes a 1,384-foot boardwalk and an interpretive walk through the woods to overlook the White River. My mom went with me and it was great getting to spend the day with her.

She tagged along as I took pictures and talked for my story on the refuge’s dedication and a second dedication of the new St. Charles Fire Station. We ended up eating at Mary J’s Country Cafe in Ethel before heading back to the refuge.

Below are some pictures of the new trail. Continue reading “Going wild”

Arts Festival

Needlework that I plan to make.

I picked up a needlework pattern a few months ago that I have been meaning to make as a gift to my sister. It would be a new type of project for me and I have yet to get started on it. This weekend, however, was the local arts festival and one of the displays (above) was the exact pattern that I was hoping to make for my sister.

It was the push I needed and I hope to get started soon since it will take me forever to complete. The arts festival was a blast, although I didn’t completely see eye-to-eye with the judges this year. Continue reading “Arts Festival”

Tuesday blues.

It’s one of those days.

I’m cranky, not feeling good and just downright lazy feeling.

The only thing that saved my morning are two small little things:

1 I stumbled across what I should have said to the nosy woman that basically asked me if I, as a single woman, was lonely and jealous of my married friends and if I even had friends. (I think she meant well—we have always gotten along well. It was just inappropriate for the nonprofit seminar setting that we were in.)

While I answered nicely enough, I should have added this phrase to the mix.

Single as a dollar and I’m not looking for change. Continue reading “Tuesday blues.”

Sideline view

I love the crisp Saturday mornings spent taking pictures at area youth sporting events. It’s a great way to spend the morning because, first of all, it always guarantees you cute action pictures.

In Stuttgart, this means taking soccer and football pictures. I found myself on the sidelines of the local football field during the final moments of the seventh-grade football game. The boys were focused and the local team kept charging toward the end zone in a last-minute frenzy to tie the game. While they eventually completed a touchdown, it wasn’t still wasn’t enough to win a game.

What’s ah cooking

My name is Sarah and I’m a terrible cook.

There, it wasn’t too hard to admit the shameful news and it is embarrassing news. My idea of cooking is throwing in a microwaveable meal or making pasta. My past meals have usually consisted of these two options, salads, sandwiches or take-out.

It’s not that I haven’t tried to cook before. I have just either ruined the food, set a fire or annoyed my teacher enough that they took over the lesson and finished it.

Honestly, I was quite content with my cooking disability until recently. I discovered within the past year that I was becoming a little green (figuratively, of course) when my sister would call and describe happily the new dish she conquered for her dinner with her husband. She is a similar to Betty Crocker.

I’ve finally decided that while I love the color green, there was no need to be jealous. She’s my sister — surely my own genes for good cooking are there. I’ve decided they are just hidden.

I’m now getting back into the kitchen (with a fire extinguisher) and learning to cook. I’ve decided to take it slow and set a goal for at least one new homemade dish each month.

To celebrate I cooked chicken for lunch. It was … an adventure … I guess. I had to call my parents for help.

Anyways, I succeeded in making my lunch. So here’s to my next home-cooked meal!

The smallest around

A hummingbird perches in a tree at Cook’s Lake in Casscoe.

You can’t help but like hummingbirds.

Slight, gorgeous and swift, they just bring a smile to your face. They have also gotten me interested in taking more pictures of birds in the wild. On Saturday, I visited Potlatch Conservation Education Center at Cook’s Lake in Casscoe for a hummingbird banding program. The center’s front yard was literally filled with the little birds flying from feeder to feeder and flower to flower. Here are some of the pictures I took:

Blooming once again

A few weeks back, I bought a hanging plant that I found on sale while shopping with my parents. I was convinced that I could keep it alive — it only lasted a week before it began wilting from neglect and overwhelming heat.

I’ve tried to do better since and, finally, the work is paying off. The first flower since the plant’s near death experience has bloomed.

Kittens galore

It’s been a great week for photo opportunities. While at my interview on cat neglect, I got to meet about 10 kittens who were full of energy and cute as a button. Today, I passed a field of sunflowers on my way to and from quorum court in Dewitt. It doesn’t get any better than that. 😀

Flowers galore

I’m obsessed with flowers this year. I can’t get enough of the blooms and taking pictures of the ones I find as well — and there are plenty to take pictures of. This week, I found these flowers while heading for an interview in Keo, a nearby town.

Another subject that I love to shoot this year is wildlife. I found this small beauty while heading back from the White River National Wildlife Refuge.

Like this:

Hear me roar!

I officially became a new member of the Stuttgart Lions Club on May 11 with Dave Straus as my sponsor. It was pretty exciting and I have enjoyed my month in it so far. I’m looking forward to participating with the club.

Like this: